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Lacour Jacquet 2016


The secret of wine ....

“Like all things, there is a secret about wine. But it is a secret that he does not keep.

You can make him say it: you just have to love it, drink it, place it inside yourself .... So, he speaks "

Francis Ponge.

For three generations of winegrowers at Château Lacour Jacquet, each vintage has its own character. They have been developed in the family tradition.

The main characteristics of our wines are roundness, fat, and the fruity side.


It's up to you to discover the personality of each of our vintages ...

Lacour Jacquet 2014

Château Lacour Jacquet - Vintage 2014

If you look at the 2014 vintage, you can observe its garnet color , bright and quite sustained .

When you smell the bouquet of the 2014 vintage, it presents a fruity and relatively fine nose . It reveals notes of blackcurrant, blackberry and fine notes of wild fruits associated with hints of wild strawberry.

When it is present on your palate , fruity , mineral , round and fatty notes will be expressed . On the palate this wine expresses notes of blackberry, blackcurrant and fine notes of wild strawberries associated with small berries, with hints of oak. The tannins are fine and well developed.


This wine has a good length!


  • Recognition Cru Bourgeois

  • Bronze medal at the 2016 Feminalises competition

  • Bronze medal at the Bordeaux 2017 competition

  • Silver medal at the 2017 Elle à Table wine competition

Château Lacour Jacquet - Vintage 2015

If you watch the 2015 vintage, you can observe a beautiful garnet color with a dark core with a violet hue.

The nose exudes beautiful vegetation , undergrowth and humus while keeping a dominance of black fruits and Cabernet .

The palate is dense and medium bodied . Indeed, this wine balances rusticity and fruit . It has ripe tannins and a long finish.

Lots of vigor.


A nice, pleasant Médoc!


  • Recognition Cru Bourgeois

  • Silver medal at the Paris General Competition 2018

  • Recommended by Guide Hachette 2019

Château Lacour Jacquet 2015 verre de rouge
Château Lacour Jacquet 2016

Château Lacour Jacquet - Vintage 2016

If you look at the 2016 vintage, you can observe a beautiful ruby color sustained with still some hints of purple, brilliant .


The nose is ripe , elegant , intense and expressive with tones of black fruits and liquorice .

The mouth affirms a beautiful structure . We find this tasty expression of cherry and black fruits . the whole remains well coated and balanced due to its richness .

The tannins still remain firm and bring in slightly tart flavors.


Good Haut-Médoc very representative of the appellation and with the aptitude for aging!


  • Recognition Cru Bourgeois

  • Silver medal at the Coucours International de Lyon 2020

  • Bronze medal at the Challenge International du Vin de Blaye 2020

  • Selected by the Guide 1001 degustations

Château Lacour Jacquet - Vintage 2018

If you look at the 2018 vintage, you can observe a beautiful deep ruby color with purplish purple reflections, bright and limpid , with tears .


The nose is pleasant and fine . It combines aromas of ripe black fruits , liquorice and noble plants .


The palate is fine with a gourmet expression on black fruits plump and sun-kissed . We appreciate this smoothness which gives this wine a tasty appearance. A very good quality of tannins is present. They are fine.


This wine is a dynamic, well-rounded whole, very representative of the Cussac-Fort-Médoc terroir!


  • Recognition Cru Bourgeois

  • HVE3 certification (High environmental value of level 3)

  • Selected by the Guide 1001 degustations

Château Lacour Jacquet 2018 légumes
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